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Flying Experiences

Flying Experiences | Isle of Man Direct Holidays

Nothing comes close to the wonderful sense of freedom and space you get from being in the wide blue yonder. For the more adventurous there's parachuting or bodyflying and for would be pilots flying, gliding, microlighting and helicopter lessons.

Experience DayPrice
Flying Lesson From £99pp
Helicopter Lesson From £189pp
Balloon Flight From £185pp
Flight Simulator From £155pp
Indoor Skydiving From £49pp
Gliding Lesson From £95pp
Aerobatic Flight From £159pp
Parachute Jump From £235pp
Microlight Lesson From £85pp
Tandem Skydive From £275pp
Ultimate Top Gun From £495pp
Flying Experiences

Flying Experiences

You’ll find something for everyone in our flying experiences section.

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Price From: £49

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